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Discover the Modern Style
& Unmatched Durability of Resin Bound Driveways

Tired of dealing with a cracked, stained concrete driveway? Looking for a contemporary outdoor living space? Resin bound driveways from RNM Resins provide the ultimate combination of easy maintenance, dynamic design, and long-lasting performance.

The Resin Driveway Process

Transforming your driveway with resin is a simple process completed by our experienced teams. After thoroughly preparing and cleaning the base, we skilfully apply the unique two-part resin mixture with decorative aggregates. The finished product is a striking, seamless surface ready for decades of everyday use.

Benefits of Resin Driveways

Resin driveways offer significant advantages over concrete, asphalt, pavers and other materials:

  • Contemporary Styling – With numerous aggregate colors/textures, resin allows for custom driveways that enhance your home’s curb appeal.
  • Extreme Durability – Resin resists cracks, chips, stains, erosion and weeds better than concrete. It stands up to heavy vehicles with ease.
  • Low Maintenance – Unlike high-maintenance pavers, resin needs little more than an occasional pressure wash to look like new.
  • Permeable – Resin allows rainwater to drain through, preventing puddles and flooding.
  • Safe Traction – The textured surface provides excellent grip for walking and driving.
Why Choose RNM Resins?

With over 5 years experience in installing resin driveways in Swansea and South Wales, RNM Resins is the premiere expert in our area. Our experienced teams have installed hundreds of resin driveways to satisfied homeowners. We handle the entire process professionally from start to finish. And we use only top-quality materials to build driveways made to last decades.

For innovation, durability and hassle-free quality, choose RNM Resins for your new resin driveway.

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