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Resin Bound Pool surrounds Swansea
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Seeking a pool surround surface that’s stylish, safe and easy to maintain?
RNM Resins installs high-performance resin bound pool surrounds that tick all the boxes.

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Resin Pool Surrounds by RNM resins
Non-Slip and Low Maintenance

The Resin Pool Surround Process

RNM Resins’ experts handle the entire application, starting with surface preparation and cleaning. We then skilfully install the slip-resistant resin mixture with decorative aggregates. The result, a sleek, contemporary pool surround.

Benefits of Resin Pool Surrounds

Resin pool surrounds offer advantages over concrete and tile:

  • Non-Slip Texture – The slightly textured resin surface provides safe, secure footing, even when wet.
  • Durable and Stain-Resistant – Resin stands up to pool chemicals without degrading or discolouring.
  • Customisable Styling – With numerous colour/texture options, resin can complement your poolscape’s look.
  • Low Maintenance – Resin only needs occasional washing to look fresh and clean.
  • Crack-Resistant – Resin expands and contracts with temperature changes, preventing cracks.

Why RNM Resins?

With over 5 years of experience, RNM Resins has carried out numerous resin pool surround installations across the region. Our teams handle projects efficiently and professionally. We use top-quality materials to create non-slip, lasting pool surrounds designed to provide safety and sophistication for years to come.

For resin pool surrounds that check every box, choose the experts at RNM Resins.

Resin bound pool surround Swansea

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