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Seeking an eye-catching pathway for your home or business?
Want a durable, easy-care surface?
Resin bound pathways by RNM Resins provide stylish, long-lasting walkways for your outdoor space.

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Resin Pathways from RNM
Seamless and Low-Maintenance

The Resin Pathway Process

RNM Resins professionally installs smooth, modern resin pathways. We prepare the base surface, then apply the two-part resin mixture with decorative aggregates to create a contemporary pathway.

Benefits of Resin Pathways

Resin pathways offer many advantages over concrete, brick and gravel:

  • Visually Striking – With numerous colors and textures, resin pathways complement your landscape.
  • Seamless Look – The resin forms a continuous surface with no joints or gaps.
  • Extremely Durable – Resin withstands heavy foot traffic and weather without cracking or shifting.
  • Minimal Maintenance – Resin won’t erode, grow weeds or require re-sanding like gravel.
  • Customisable – We can embed names, designs or company logos into your unique pathway.

Why Choose RNM Resins?

For over 5 years, RNM Resins has designed stunning resin pathways for customers throughout the region. Our experienced teams handle every step from base preparation to professional installation. We use high-grade materials to create lasting pathways that enhance your landscape with both beauty and functionality.

For eye-catching, low-maintenance resin pathways, choose the experts at RNM Resins.

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