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Premier Resin Bound Surfacing in Gowerton, Swansea from RNM Resins

RNM Resins is your trusted partner for resin bound surfacing in the charming Gowerton neighborhood and the wider Swansea area. With years of experience and unmatched expertise, we create top-notch resin driveways, patios, pathways, and more for both residential and commercial clients. Continue reading to discover why we stand out as the preferred choice for resin bound surfacing in Gowerton.

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Situated to the northwest of Swansea, Gowerton exudes a charming blend of historical character and modern appeal, making it an inviting suburb for those seeking a tranquil yet well-connected living experience.

Gowerton is home to several historical landmarks that add to its unique identity. The iconic Grade II-listed Gowerton Viaduct, an impressive railway structure dating back to the 19th century, stands as a testament to the area’s industrial past. St. John’s Church, with its architectural elegance, adds a touch of historical charm to the local landscape.

Approximately 6 miles from Swansea City Centre, Gowerton provides a peaceful retreat while maintaining accessibility to urban amenities. The nearby town of Gorseinon, just a short drive away, offers additional shopping, dining, and entertainment options, enriching the local experience.

Gowerton is adorned with local attractions that cater to both residents and visitors. The rejuvenated Elba Sports Complex provides a hub for sports and recreational activities. Gowerton Rugby Football Club, with its strong community ties, represents a focal point for sports enthusiasts and social gatherings.

Nature lovers can revel in the picturesque beauty of nearby destinations, such as the enchanting Clyne Gardens and the tranquil Gowerton Woods. The breathtaking landscapes of the Gower Peninsula, approximately 10 miles away, beckon residents to explore sandy beaches, coastal walks, and the rugged charm of this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Gowerton’s strategic location ensures ease of travel with proximity to the M4 motorway, facilitating seamless connections within Swansea and to other regions. This accessibility makes Gowerton an ideal base for residents who wish to explore Swansea’s broader offerings, including the Swansea.Com Stadium and the cultural richness of the city centre.

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The Pinnacle of Resin Bound Surfacing Expertise

Our history in installing resin driveways and surfaces extends back over 5 years. This legacy equips us with profound knowledge in site preparation, mix ratios, application techniques, and comprehensive curing and aftercare. Our team remains at the forefront of the industry, continuously updating our skills with the latest products, methods, and standards, ensuring long-lasting, high-quality resin surfaces that enhance your property.


With an extensive history spanning over a combined number of years , we stand as the most relied-upon authority in resin bound surfacing within the area. Our team has successfully implemented surfacing solutions across countless square metres in the Gowerton area, honing our proficiency to ensure a seamless installation process and deliver robust, top-tier outcomes that elevate your property’s appeal for the long haul.


We present an unparalleled array of aggregate blends, hues, and finishes for your consideration. Through a complimentary on-site consultation at your property, we guide you in selecting the optimal fusion of resin and aggregates to achieve your envisioned aesthetic and performance goals. Additionally, we provide the flexibility to personalise the resin surfacing by incorporating your company’s logo or imaginative designs.


Our methodology places meticulous site preparation and meticulous base construction at the forefront. The resin binder is skillfully applied, and the decorative aggregate blend is precisely broadcasted to ensure uniform coverage and superior bonding. Employing a systematic approach from initiation to completion, we guarantee a visually stunning and enduring surfacing solution.


Exclusively employing the finest quality resin and aggregate materials, our resins boast exceptional UV stability, weather resilience, and slip resistance. The decorative aggregates showcase vibrant hues that withstand the test of time without fading. We diligently source materials that adhere to compliance and safety standards.


For your peace of mind, we extend 5-year installation warranties and maintain comprehensive business insurance coverage. This encompasses a £20 million public liability policy. Should any deficiencies in our workmanship or materials emerge within the 5-year timeframe, we commit to repairing or replacing the surfacing at no cost to you.

Resin Surfacing Services gowerton

At RNM Resins, entrust us with the task of transforming your residential or commercial surfaces with our unparalleled expertise in delivering bespoke resin solutions. Here’s an in-depth exploration of how we stand out in catering to both domestic and commercial markets:

Residential Surfacing:

Elevate the visual appeal and functionality of your property with the artistry of resin bound surfacing meticulously installed by the seasoned professionals at RNM Resins. Immerse yourself in the possibilities as we craft tailored resin solutions for:


Indulge in the allure of a resilient and jaw-dropping resin driveway that not only complements but defines your home’s curb appeal. Our repertoire includes an extensive array of colours and finishes to match your aesthetic preferences.


Embrace the seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living with a thoughtfully designed resin bound patio. Whether it’s for dining, lounging, or entertaining, our artisans create spaces that seamlessly blend nature and architecture.

Pathways & Footpaths:

Transform the mundane into the extraordinary as we breathe new life into guiding pathways, garden footpaths, and pedestrian routes with the magic of resin surfacing. Experience a harmonious blend of functionality and artistic expression.


Bid farewell to uneven and cracked steps as we introduce flawless resin steps, offering both enhanced safety and aesthetic charm. Choose from a variety of aggregates to personalise the look to your liking.

Pool Surrounds:

Step into a world of safety and minimal maintenance with non-slip resin surfaces surrounding your swimming pool. Our solutions ensure not just beauty but also practicality in this leisure space.

Commercial Surfacing:

Navigate the bustling world of heavy traffic commercial areas with our seamless resin surfaces, where durability meets aesthetics. RNM Resins stands as a reliable partner with extensive experience in delivering robust and appealing surfacing for:

Car Parks:

Endure the onslaught of heavy foot and vehicular traffic with our commercial car park solutions. Integrate lines and logos seamlessly into the resin surface, combining functionality with a professional aesthetic.

Cycle Lanes:

Facilitate smooth rides with durable and impeccably smooth resin surfaces designed exclusively for designated cycle lanes. Our commitment to longevity ensures a reliable infrastructure for cyclists.

Property Developments:

Collaborate with us on your property development projects, where driveways, pathways, parking areas, and more receive the transformative touch of resin surfacing. Our partnership extends beyond installation to crafting lasting impressions.


Prioritise safety, attractiveness, and low-maintenance solutions for footpaths and parking areas at healthcare facilities with our resilient resin applications. RNM Resins understands the unique needs of hospital environments.

For any residential or commercial endeavor, the dedicated RNM Resins team guarantees the delivery of enduring, high-quality resin surfacing tailored precisely to your requirements. Reach out today for a complimentary quote and embark on the journey to redefine your spaces!

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Explore Our Diverse Portfolio

Embark on a visual journey through our expansive collection of resin-bound surfacing installation projects, spanning Gowerton and surrounding areas of Swansea. Our portfolio is a testament to the unparalleled excellence we bring to each project, showcasing a myriad of finishes and styles meticulously tailored to cater to diverse tastes and budgets.

Client Testimonials and Rave Reviews

Dive into the firsthand experiences of our delighted clientele by perusing the glowing testimonials that underscore our commitment to exceptional service and unparalleled workmanship. Our earned reputation speaks volumes about our ability to consistently deliver high-quality results, ensuring projects are not only completed on time but also within the specified budgetary constraints.

Transparent and Open Communication Channels

At RNM Resins, communication is the cornerstone of our client relationships. From the initial consultation to the triumphant completion of your resin-bound surfacing project, we prioritise keeping you well-informed and engaged. Expect us to be a constant source of information, readily available to address your queries and alleviate any concerns that may arise.

Unbeatable Value Proposition

Our commitment to excellence extends to our pricing structure, offering resin-bound surfacing services at rates that are both competitive and reasonable. We are confident that our clients will appreciate the value for money, understanding that our affordable prices do not compromise the exceptional level of service we consistently deliver.

Dedicated Customer Satisfaction

Your contentment stands as our paramount objective. At RNM Resins, we pledge to go above and beyond, ensuring your happiness throughout every phase of your resin-bound surfacing project. From inception to completion, our dedicated team is committed to achieving results that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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For a bespoke and complimentary quotation, as well as an in-depth exploration of our comprehensive resin-bound surfacing services, get in touch with us at RNM Resins. Our services extend across the entirety of Gowerton and its surrounding areas. Reach out via phone at 01792 949333  or conveniently use our online contact form to initiate the conversation about transforming your space with our premium resin-bound surfacing solutions.

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