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ELITE Resin Bound Surfacing in GORSEINON from RNM Resins

RNM Resins stands out as the preferred choice for resin bound surfacing in the charming Sketty neighbourhood and surrounding Swansea areas. Our years of experience and unmatched craftsmanship guarantee elite resin driveways, patios, pathways, and more for both homes and businesses. Continue reading to uncover why we are the top selection for resin bound surfacing in Sketty.

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Located within the bustling city of Swansea, Sketty stands as a charming and peaceful suburban district known for its leafy streets, community atmosphere, and proximity to both urban amenities and natural retreats.

The area is characterised by its picturesque streets adorned with a mix of architectural styles, ranging from traditional cottages to more modern residences. Notable landmarks include St. Paul’s Church, a historic building that adds a touch of character to the area, reflecting its historical roots.

Sketty boasts a thriving community spirit, with local cafes, shops, and eateries contributing to the district’s unique charm. The district is home to Singleton Park, a vast green space that offers residents a peaceful escape. The park features botanical gardens, a boating lake, and the iconic Singleton Abbey, providing a perfect backdrop for leisurely walks and outdoor activities.

Situated just a couple of miles west of Swansea City Centre, Sketty enjoys easy access to the urban conveniences of the city. The district is well-connected by road, with the A4216 providing a direct route into Swansea and connecting to the broader road network. Swansea University, located nearby, adds a youthful vibrancy to the area, enriching the cultural and educational aspects of Sketty.

Residents of Sketty are fortunate to be in close proximity to the stunning Swansea Bay. The scenic coastal path offers breathtaking views of the sea, inviting locals to enjoy leisurely strolls or engage in water sports. The Gower Peninsula, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is just a short drive away, providing an abundance of sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, and opportunities for outdoor adventures.

Sketty benefits from reliable public transportation, including bus services that connect the district to Swansea City Centre and other nearby areas. The community enjoys access to local schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational spaces, contributing to the overall well-being of residents.

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Unparalleled Expertise in Resin Bound Surfacing

Over the last 5 years, we have specialised in the installation of resin surfaces, drawing upon our extensive knowledge in site preparation, mix ratios, application techniques, and comprehensive curing and aftercare. Our team consistently leads the industry by staying current with the latest products, methodologies, and standards, guaranteeing the delivery of top-notch, long-lasting resin surfaces that significantly enhance the value of your property.

Expert Installation Procedures

At RNM Resins, our commitment to excellence is evident in our meticulous approach to every stage of the installation process:

  • Ground Preparation – Our skilled team ensures thorough site preparation through activities such as excavation, grading, compaction of the sub-base, and the installation of edge restraints. These measures establish a robust foundation for the project.
  • Substructure Establishment – We lay down porous asphalt or concrete, meticulously engineered with the correct falls and gradients to facilitate optimal drainage.
  • Application of Resin – Following product specifications, we expertly mix and apply the resin binder, ensuring an even distribution that saturates the prepared base.
  • Aggregate Sprinkling – In the wet resin, we meticulously broadcast a carefully chosen blend of decorative aggregates to achieve the desired texture and finish.
  • Finishing Touch – Once cured, a protective sealant is meticulously applied to enhance and safeguard the overall surface finish.

Diverse Blends, Hues, and Textures

Our extensive array of natural and recycled aggregates encompasses a diverse range of blends, hues, sizes, and textures. Options abound, including quartz, granite, marble, flint, or glass aggregates. We guide you in selecting the perfect combination to complement your project seamlessly.

Tailored Solutions

The customisation options for your resin-bound surface are virtually limitless. Whether you aim to harmonise with surrounding materials, integrate logos or patterns, or craft a unique color scheme, share your vision with us. The fusion of your ideas with our expertise results in an unparalleled, bespoke surface.

Insurance and Guarantees

Our commitment to customer confidence is underscored by the inclusion of comprehensive business insurance. We carry public liability coverage for all projects, providing clients with peace of mind. Additionally, we extend warranties that safeguard against defects in both materials and workmanship, further solidifying our dedication to quality assurance.

Resin Surfacing Services sketty

At RNM Resins, entrust our expertise to provide the optimal resin-bound surfacing solution for your residential or commercial surfacing requirements. Here’s how we stand out:

Residential Surfacing

Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your properties with expertly installed resin-bound surfacing from RNM Resins. We specialise in crafting bespoke resin surfacing solutions for:


Set the stage for your home’s curb appeal with an appealing and resilient resin drive, available in a spectrum of colours and finishes.


Expand your outdoor living space with a resin-bound patio, tailor-made for dining, lounging, or entertaining.

Pathways & Footpaths

Revitalise guiding pathways, garden footpaths, and pedestrian routes with our exquisite resin surfacing solutions.


Upgrade safety and aesthetics by replacing cracked or uneven steps with seamlessly crafted resin steps, customisable with your choice of aggregates.

Pool Surrounds

Enhance your home swimming pool area with a non-slip, low-maintenance resin surface, combining safety and aesthetics seamlessly.

Commercial Surfacing

Our flawless resin surfaces are perfect for high-traffic commercial zones, showcasing extensive experience and expertise in delivering durable, attractive surfacing for:

Car Parks

Install resilient resin surfaces for commercial car parks enduring heavy foot and vehicle traffic, with the option to incorporate lines and logos.

Cycle Lanes

Provide designated cycle lanes with a durable, smooth resin surface, ensuring a safe and efficient pathway for cyclists.

Property Developments

Collaborate with developers and contractors for the installation of resin surfacing in driveways, pathways, parking areas, and beyond, enhancing the overall appeal of property developments.


Ensure safety, attractiveness, and low-maintenance surroundings with resin-bound footpaths and parking solutions tailored to healthcare facilities.

For any residential or commercial project, the RNM Resins team guarantees the delivery of a durable, top-quality resin surfacing solution customised to meet your specific needs. Contact us today for a complimentary quote!

Why RNM resins?

Our Project Portfolio

Explore our compilation of resin-bound surfacing ventures in Sketty and neighbouring areas to witness the remarkable outcomes we can deliver. We present a diverse array of finishes and styles, catering to every preference and budget.

Client Testimonials

Peruse the feedback from contented clients to gain insights into our exceptional service and craftsmanship. We take pride in our established reputation for consistently delivering high-quality results within stipulated timelines and budget constraints.

Transparent Communication

Expect clear and consistent communication throughout the entire resin-bound surfacing process. From the initial consultation to the project’s finalisation, we are committed to keeping you well-informed, addressing your queries, and mitigating any concerns.

Competitive Value

Avail yourself of our resin-bound surfacing services at competitive rates that uphold uncompromised quality. We are confident that our pricing structure reflects excellent value for the level of service we extend.

Dedicated Customer Focus

Your contentment is our foremost priority. We are dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction with every aspect of your resin-bound surfacing project, spanning from initiation to completion.

Reach out to RNM Resins today for an obligation-free quote and to delve deeper into our array of resin-bound surfacing offerings. We cater to the entirety of Sketty and the surrounding locales. Dial 01792 or utilise our online contact form to get in touch.

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